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Accuracy International Rifle Set - AWP / L115A3 & AW50 / L121A1

Low Poly Accuracy International rifle set created from High Poly meshes which I previously published.

Included Items:
AW50 / L121A1 .50 BMG with magazines and ammunition.
AWP (AWSM) / L115A3 .338 Lapua Magnum with magazines and ammunition.
Accuracy International Bipod,
.338 Suppressors.

This project is part of an upcoming Arma 3 game modification centering around the Armed Forces of the UK.
We are concentrating on the current equipment in use by the UK's various military arms, this means characters, weapons, vehicles and other miscellaneous items.

Each rifle including magazine is 1x4096 texture set using Spec/Gloss workflows.
Bipod and ammunition is 1x2048 texture set using Spec/Gloss workflows.
Suppressors are 1024x512 texture set per colour scheme, again using Spec/Gloss workflows.

HP and LP Models created in 3dsmax.
Baked in Marmoset Toolbag 3.
Textured in Substance Painter.
Custom Substances for stamping fonts created in Substance Designer.