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Torpedobootskanone C/36 (Anemone)

Torpedobootskanone C/36 (Anemone) as used in the German Atlantikwall defence batteries at Longues-Sur-Mer in Northern France during World War Two.

This was an interesting project that involved a lot of archival and photography research during which I discovered a lot about the German/Axis side during the second world war. All in all I learned far more from this project and the research I did than you would have found in any single book covering the topic.

Blueprints for this particular gun are really hard to find, so I was limited to the documents I discovered through my own research as well as using a trove of photography that I found online, as a result of that there are parts of this weapon that are recreated exclusively from referencing the photography and may not be historically correct but I did try my best to get them as accurate as possible.

Model baked from High Poly (~17mil polys) to Low Poly (27.6k tris) using 3x 4k Texture Sets.