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Glock Accessories - Bayonet

Fun quick little project I did, a pistol bayonet!
First created the high poly model, then crafted a low poly around that mesh, followed by unwrapping the low poly UV's, all done in Autodesk 3dsMax.
Next, I baked from high to low poly using Marmoset Toolbag3 and the materials I had assigned in 3dsMax to create the ID masks that I would require to texture the low poly in Substance Painter.
All images rendered in Marmoset Toolbag3.
Time from start to finish approx 6hrs, including textures.

Model: 1012 Tri's
Textures: 1x2k Spec/Gloss - Albedo / Normal / Specular / Gloss

Glock 17 Gen 4 from portfolio -
Model: 6,762 tri's
Textures: 1x4k Albedo / Normal / Specular / Gloss.

Uro 3d screenshot204
Uro 3d screenshot209
Uro 3d screenshot210
Uro 3d screenshot205
Uro 3d screenshot206
Uro 3d screenshot208
Uro 3d screenshot207
Uro 3d screenshot215
Uro 3d screenshot212
Uro 3d screenshot211
Uro 3d 20180723123319 1

In game screenshot from Arma 3

3D Model Render - Glock Tactical Knife Pistol Attachment