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Glock Accessories - Bayonet

Fun quick little project I did, a pistol bayonet!
First created the high poly model, then crafted a low poly around that mesh, followed by unwrapping the low poly UV's, all done in Autodesk 3dsMax.
Next, I baked from high to low poly using Marmoset Toolbag3 and the materials I had assigned in 3dsMax to create the ID masks that I would require to texture the low poly in Substance Painter.
All images rendered in Marmoset Toolbag3.
Time from start to finish approx 6hrs, including textures.

Model: 1012 Tri's
Textures: 1x2k Spec/Gloss - Albedo / Normal / Specular / Gloss

Glock 17 Gen 4 from portfolio -
Model: 6,762 tri's
Textures: 1x4k Albedo / Normal / Specular / Gloss.

In game screenshot from Arma 3

In game screenshot from Arma 3

3D Model Render - Glock Tactical Knife Pistol Attachment