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X-TAON Wind & Template Art Dump

This is an alternative design which I was working on for the contest, while I think the base coat design really suits this shape of car, I couldn't decide on a good decal design for it, so I opted to progress with my other design -

I figured I'd upload this in addition to my entry piece since I put time into these also, I'd hate it to go to waste in case others are needing some inspiration.

I have also uploaded a render of the base template I created in red paint, with all the smaller details masked and painted (lights, grills, wheels etc).
For the base I followed my usual process in throwing a base material onto the asset followed by painting all the smaller details to give a better feel for the car, this gave me a good template to create all my other designs with.

Uro 3d x taon uro3d wind frontq 4k8b


Uro 3d x taon uro3d wind rearq 4k8b


Uro 3d x taon uro3d wind frontqupper 4k8b


Uro 3d x taon uro3d basedetails frontq 4k8b

X-TAON - Base Template